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Welcome to Christernet

Welcome to Christernet “Christ Internet” the most exciting, the most rewarding and – God Willing – the most anointed MLM Christian Social set to take The World by Holy Spirit Power and Grace.

nmChristernet is totally an unprecedented unparallelled MLM Christian Network Crowdfunding The Foundation of “Christ International Convention Center” at Betharaba – River Jordan – A 5* Expo Conferencing Center sleeping 5000 Guests to be erected in stages over A period of Ten Years.

While – in the meanwhile – establishing an ever growing – unlimited  multi level cells of Prospering Believers – Spiritually and Financially – Always equipped and ready to do God Will at instant notices.

Unlike any other Fundraising Campaigns, the active members of “Christ Internet” are rewarded on A Binary MLM basis. Thus, harvesting – on a residual basis – beyond their own effort; from the effort of their upline ancestors and downline legs members.

By Joining Christernet Now, You’ll be at The Start of what we perceive The Largest – Self Sufficient – Inter Denominational  Christian Network The World is yet to see.

Prior to The Internet MLM “Multi Level Marketing” Existed as the most dynamic direct marketing concept to recruit self employed people – who in turn duplicate the same – escalating into unlimited networks for Global Outreach and Distribution.

Christianity started and continued to grow Worldwide due to The Early Networking Efforts of Jesus Disciples, who spread away from Jerusalem in all directions disciplining new followers; teaching them The Lord Final Command to do The Same.

We utilize today most effective tools of Prosperous Discipleship for Ultimate Church Growth

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